Ten Incredible Facts About the History of Internet Marketing

Ten Incredible Facts About the History of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing is growing at a rapid rate and has developed quite a rich history. Each great historical tale is bound to include some interesting and entertaining facts. For your enjoyment, here are some of our favorite internet marketing facts!

1. 1971 saw the first “@” symbol used in an email. Ray Tomilinson sent the first email with an “@” symbol in 1971.

2. In 1978, the first mass blast email was sent for DEC System 2020 (“world’s lowest mainframe computer“) to 600 recipients. It was reported that it wasn’t received well (source: Mashable).

3. Al Pacino’s image was featured on the original Facebook homepage. This was back when it was called The Facebook. The site’s homepage featured a face of a man, apparently an alteration to an Al Pacino photograph (source: Mashable).

4. The Super Bowl commercial “1984” introduced the Apple Macintosh computer. Ridley Scott directed the commercial, which is an excellent example of early event marketing (source : Advertising Today).

5. Twitter was originally called Twttr. A few months prior to Twitter’s launch, the founders decided that Twitter would change its name and rebrand. Source:

6. Google’s first ever Twitter post was sent in 2009. It was binary code that said “I’m feeling Lucky” and is located next to the Google search button (source OMG Facts).

7., once owned by Garfield, was being offered as an email service for free (source: Tech Republic).

8. In 1971, two computers sat next to one another sent the first email. According to, the content of the email was believed to have been “testing123” or QWERTYUIOP.

9. Wire hog was one of the first features of Facebook. It was removed from the internet due to concerns about piracy .

10. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have more Twitter followers that the entire population of many other countries .

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