8 Ways to Make your Website More User-Friendly

Websites have become more than just text and information. Your website should entertain and provide quality content. It should also offer a comfortable, easy-to-use experience. The design of your website and the placement of CTAs can have a significant impact on how long your visitors stay on your pages. It’s easy to make your site more user-friendly. I’ll be sharing eight ideas with […]

Building a Business around Your Website: Post Launch Learning for Growth

This is part of a series about best practices for website development that Market’s team follows. Our previous posts provide information on the pre-planning, creating an actionable strategy, setting up your team and project for success, managing your team through the build process, as well as how to manage go-live. Any digital product that touches customers, be it your website or […]

How your website could be your most important digital strategy opportunity

It’s easier than ever to create a website. It is the core of your digital strategy. It is also one of the most efficient ways to promote your products. Lead generation A website can help you generate leads even when you are asleep. More than 80% customers research products online before purchasing them. This is because they go online and search the keywords relevant to the […]

5 Tips to Get the Best Customer Experience on Your Website

Many people quit waiting for websites pages to load. Waiting for a website to load is frustrating. It is not worth it in this time-strapped world. If you see your website like this, it’s likely that you haven’t updated or even considered your website in a while. Website speed is an essential component of your site’s success. Website optimization can improve the effectiveness of your […]