How to create a marketing strategy?

A marketing plan is a must for any business of any size and form. It will outline all your marketing initiatives you’re planning to undertake over a specific period of time to increase sales. The existence of a plan makes it easier to budget, control your time, plan sales, and anticipate the way, when and how you’ll communicate with customers and potential […]

From IT Factories to Digital Ecosystems – Transforming The German Enterprise

  The Global Digital Factory (GDF) can help Allianz businesses to digitize and increase customer relationships. GDF has worked together with Futurize Digital Transformation at an early stage to assist in setting up and improve The Digital Factory structures. The trade surplus of Germany in 2016 was record-breaking at EUR252.9 billion ($270 billion) which is the biggest gap between imports and exports […]

Building a Business around Your Website: Post Launch Learning for Growth

This is part of a series about best practices for website development that Market’s team follows. Our previous posts provide information on the pre-planning, creating an actionable strategy, setting up your team and project for success, managing your team through the build process, as well as how to manage go-live. Any digital product that touches customers, be it your website or […]

Zero trust is the best way to ensure business security by default

As companies move to the concept of hybrid IT, they discover that the traditional approach to access management and identity management isn’t able to keep up. In the race to transform digitally, businesses are taking on smartphones, mobiles as well as machine learning and innovative, more agile ways of developing applications deployment, management, and deployment. Never before have businesses had to […]