How to use Link Retargeting in order to exploit other people’s content

How to use Link Retargeting in order to exploit other people’s content

We all know retargeting strategies. We know that customers who are retargeted are three times more likely than others to click on your advertisement. Customers are 70% more likely than ever to convert if they are retargeted. Retargeting involves timing and attribution. Content is also important to increase trust and gain awareness. Problem is that not everyone has the time or ability to write enough articles and blog posts.

Many marketing teams do an amazing job creating infographics and case study to increase awareness. It is a successful model across many industries, with a variety of customer profiles.

However, if you have limited time or resources, how can your best use that time? What types of content are you able to focus your efforts on? What content should you be focusing on?

What is Link Retargeting and How Does It Work?

Retargeting refers to the placing of a pixel on a website which records visitors. It allows marketers to retarget them on other platforms. This is great for helping buyers move through these stages and getting them converted. It’s also very affordable.

Link does not require a tracking code to be placed on our website. Instead, it uses redirects. It effectively associates a retargeting Pixel with the shared link .

You can share a report from company A if they serve a similar audience to you. Link retargeting allows anyone who clicks on the link to be added to your target audience for possible retargeting advertisements. You can draw on your own content as well as other sources to fill the gaps in order to assist that buyer at that stage.

How does Link Retargeting actually Work?

Let’s look at an example to help you better understand this concept: creating a link for retargeting.

This marketing technique is relatively new and only a handful of vendors offer it. Some vendors offer it as part their larger service, while others cater to smaller niches (e.g. affiliates). This is an example where I plan to use Retarget Links.

You must think about your goals and what the best way to achieve them.

  1. Would you like to use Facebook Ads as well as banner ads?
  2. Do you want to create a large, single audience? Or segmented audiences based upon interests and products/services

Retarget Links will allow you to create and share links. Once you have created the link, you can choose which campaign you want to associate it with. Anyone who clicks the link will be added into that campaign’s audience. This gives you the ability to target them with specific ads.

First create your campaign. You will need an ad-clickthrough URL to create your campaign. This is where your retargeting ads can send traffic. If you are interested in Facebook Ads, you will be able to add your Facebook pixel at this point.

You can create shortened URLs and assign them to your campaign from within the links dashboard.

These links are shared by you and others, and people click on them. This link retargeting technology activates tracking pixels. Your retargeting audience expands, even though the content you share is your own.

These are the ads I’m going to show to everyone who clicks on my links

There are many ways to leverage link retargeting. You can use content you own or not. Links can also be shared in many different ways. Let me share just a few to get you going.

Content Gaps: Link Retargeting

First, I have already mentioned that content can be sourced from trusted sources to fill in the gaps.

For example, chatbots or AI have been trending topics lately, but I have not explored these topics or written about them yet. I may curate content for my readers and audience using link retargeting in order to gauge their interest and capture that portion of my audience.

But, just because someone is following me on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re part of an audience that I could target with Facebook ads. Link retargeting is a way to reach my other Facebook audiences. I can target my Page fans, but it’s not possible to target them. This is not to mention the wider audience I may reach if others share my posts and link.

Segmentation via Link Retargeting

Another great use of link retargeting I love is to help me segment my own audience.

I have approximately 15,000 email subscribers. They have signed up for my newsletter, webinars or lead gen offers. Contests are also a part of my subscriber base. Although I can tell which part of blogging my audience is interested, the lead generation offer might not give me enough information to help me decide what parts of blogging they would like to learn more about.

You can use link targeting to target different audiences by sending an email to your list. I could include several articles on different aspects of blogging. People who clicked on simple How-To guides may buy my blogging planner. Those who clicked on more complex articles might purchase a paid mastermind. This allows me to run targeted advertising campaigns.

This is all possible with link retargeting technology. This technology can be used to benefit your organization and, in particular, your content curation efforts.

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