Future of healthcare is in data, ecosystems and the use of healthcare.

A mix of factors is driving the need for a change in the healthcare industry. Changes in customer expectations and new regulations can create new opportunities, however, companies within the field require new skills to be able to recognize them. The transformation to digital technology in healthcare firms and their products and services they provide is a key sector, yet a lot […]

From IT Factories to Digital Ecosystems – Transforming The German Enterprise

  The Global Digital Factory (GDF) can help Allianz businesses to digitize and increase customer relationships. GDF has worked together with Futurize Digital Transformation at an early stage to assist in setting up and improve The Digital Factory structures. The trade surplus of Germany in 2016 was record-breaking at EUR252.9 billion ($270 billion) which is the biggest gap between imports and exports […]

Ten Incredible Facts About the History of Internet Marketing

  Internet marketing is growing at a rapid rate and has developed quite a rich history. Each great historical tale is bound to include some interesting and entertaining facts. For your enjoyment, here are some of our favorite internet marketing facts! 1. 1971 saw the first “@” symbol used in an email. Ray Tomilinson sent the first email with an “@” symbol in 1971. […]

Top 10 Trending Technology Gadgets

Samsung M8 Smart monitor Take a look around and the Samsung M8 display is similar to Apple’s iMacs that are vibrant and colorful… What an odd coincidence. But, with a reasonable price and a wide range of connections this Samsung M8 could be the perfect monitor for a large number of users. It can also be used as a monitor and […]

8 Ways to Make your Website More User-Friendly

Websites have become more than just text and information. Your website should entertain and provide quality content. It should also offer a comfortable, easy-to-use experience. The design of your website and the placement of CTAs can have a significant impact on how long your visitors stay on your pages. It’s easy to make your site more user-friendly. I’ll be sharing eight ideas with […]

12 Google Search Operators for a Competitive Advantage

56% marketers claim they have “too little to do with their time.” marketers must plan campaigns that are different from others, create content that is loved by both search engines and readers , and achieve very specific ROIs. Google search operators are able to help reduce tension. Google search operators can be special characters/commands that enhance your search abilities beyond regular searches. These […]

Building a Business around Your Website: Post Launch Learning for Growth

This is part of a series about best practices for website development that Market’s team follows. Our previous posts provide information on the pre-planning, creating an actionable strategy, setting up your team and project for success, managing your team through the build process, as well as how to manage go-live. Any digital product that touches customers, be it your website or […]

5 Tips to Get the Best Customer Experience on Your Website

Many people quit waiting for websites pages to load. Waiting for a website to load is frustrating. It is not worth it in this time-strapped world. If you see your website like this, it’s likely that you haven’t updated or even considered your website in a while. Website speed is an essential component of your site’s success. Website optimization can improve the effectiveness of your […]

Design Terminologies: Glossary of Design Terms

Design is an intriguing subject for a lot of people. The process of designing something either old or new can be extremely time-consuming and takes years of practice to master the art. There are a myriad of kinds of design projects, such as graphic design, architecture and even graphic. The term “design” refers to the design process. Terminologies are the many terms […]